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Urgently seeking tutors in all areas; 2024 graduates encouraged to apply! Online tutoring opportunities available.

Tutor Happiness

Tutor happiness is our most important success metric.

We know that happy tutors result in happy students – so our tutors are our greatest asset and investment.

The Alchemy difference: we care about so much more than just marks.

Alchemy is the medieval pursuit of turning base metals into gold. It is taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary; something our tutors do every single day with the students they work with.

Alchemy Tuition has provided one-on-one in-home & online tutoring to K-12 students since 2005. What makes us unique is our complete focus on the student. Our tutors are role models and mentors that strive to boost confidence, increase motivation and ultimately show their students what they are capable of achieving.

What a privilege to work one-on-one with a young person and play such a key role in their world!

We work with students from Kindergarten through to year 12 in all subjects across all areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, or online anywhere.


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From our team:

From our tutors:

As an Alchemy Tutor, you’ll receive:

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Complete control of your schedule

At Alchemy, you choose when you work. No late nights, early mornings or weekends (unless you want them!)

You set your availabilities and we offer you students that match. Once you’ve accepted, you are in control and can shuffle them around as needed. Got an exam next Tuesday? Just move your students to Wednesday! Going away for 2 weeks? No problem – we can organise another tutor to cover you while you are gone.

Working as an Alchemy tutor gives you complete flexibility to choose when you want to work. You’ll only ever work with students that fit in to your schedule and are close to your home, so you won’t have to travel far or wide to get to your next student.

Take back your calendar with a job that gives you the flexibility you want!

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A great hourly rate of pay

Our tutors earn more than double what they would normally earn in retail or hospitality (without the hassle of working late nights or weekends!).

We pay our tutors a starting rate of $40 per hour (in-home lessons) and $30 per hour (online lessons), with the potential for this to increase up to $50 per hour as you gain experience and take on more students.

We offer next day payment for every lesson you do: you simply confirm each session using our tutor dashboard and payments will arrive in your bank account within 2 business days.

Whether you are saving for a trip around the world or need some extra cash to cover your expenses while studying, tutoring with Alchemy is the very best use of your time.

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Unrivaled training, resources and support

With Alchemy we’ve always got your back.

Over the last 15 years we’ve developed awesome programs to compliment our incredible resource centre, equipping our tutors with everything they need to support their students. You’ll go through our onboarding online and have access to our full training suite on a range of subjects and specialisations.

Whilst you have complete autonomy, we are also never far away – you can contact us anytime via live chat, phone. email or SMS.

You’ll feel like your own boss, but have all the benefits of working with an experienced organisation that wants the very best for you.

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A community to belong to

We do everything possible to make you feel like you are a part of the Alchemy family.

With online and in-person events scheduled throughout the year you will have plenty of opportunities to meet and network with other tutors. We hold a range of volunteer events, allowing you to partner with local charities and non-profit organisations in your city with other members of the Alchemy community.

You can also connect with other tutors online in your dashboard, sharing your own wisdom and experience with other tutors around the country.

At Alchemy you are so much more than just a number – you are an important part of the community.

Work as a tutor

A rewarding job that makes a difference

Being an Alchemy tutor is far more than just helping a student with their homework.

It is being a part of their world. You’ll become their role model, allowing them to see what they are truly capable of. You’ll be planting a seed and watering it each week, allowing the hidden gold come to the surface.

It’s a job that comes with a huge sense of satisfaction; knowing that you are changing the world one student at a time.

There comes a great sense of meaning knowing that what you are doing actually matters – something you’ll experience every day as an Alchemy tutor.

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A job that will help you get ‘the’ job

Working at Alchemy is the perfect job for University students.

We’ll help you develop the skills that employers want you to have. You’ll demonstrate independence, leadership, ability to coach others and great rapport building – all skills that are crucial in any job.

We also offer specific job-ready training and internships at specific times throughout the year for our most valuable tutors.

This is a job that will look great on your resume and will go a long way towards securing your dream job in the future.

Plus so much more

Ready to do this?


No experience required – full training and support provided.

Here’s what we look for in a tutor:

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A history of academic success

Our tutors have proven knowledge in the subject they want to tutor, such as getting a band 6 in the HSC or pursuing that subject at University. They know what it means to work hard and perform at the top of their game. They are the high performers in their area of study.

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Amazing communication skills

Our tutors make complex ideas seem simple by communicating in a way that is relevant and approachable to the student. They connect and build instant rapport with the families they work with. Their students feel comfortable around them and value the relationship they have.

Brisbane Tutoring Jobs

Role-model qualities

Our tutors are natural leaders who motivate and inspire those around them. In their personal lives they set goals and have the discipline to make them a reality. They are the kinds of people that others are naturally drawn to. Their students feel better about themselves after every lesson.

All Alchemy Tutors meet the following requirements:

  • They have the ability to work with at least 4 students per week
  • They have graduated from High School
  • They completed their schooling in Australia. Whilst there are always exceptions, please note that in most cases we do not accept international students
  • They have their drivers license and access to a vehicle (this one isn’t a requirement, but it makes life so much easier!)
  • They are willing to commit to their students for at at least 6 months
  • They have an existing working with children check/blue card or be willing to get one (full details and reimbursement program provided)
  • They have the ability to legally work in Australia
  • They have an existing ABN or be willing to obtain one (all tutors are engaged as sub-contractors and as such, an ABN is a requirement to receive payment – this is explained in detail during registration).
  • If tutoring online, they have a reliable internet connection, device and a quiet place to work from

We are a child-safe organisation and have one of the most comprehensive child safety policies in the industry. All our tutors must adhere to these standards, including holding a valid working with children check, ID verification, submitting reference checks and interviewing with our team face-to-face.

Think you’d make a great tutor?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

We specialise in one-on-one in-home tuition, so you will be working in your student’s home. From time to time a student may request meeting at a public library or school, but 99% of sessions happen in the student’s home. You will only be ever asked to work with students close to you (within 8kms) and you are free to accept or reject student offers as you wish.

We also offer online tutoring opportunities, giving you the ability to work from home and connect with students in our online classroom.

Yes! Upon registering in to our system you will select the subjects you are confident in and you will only be offered students that fall under these.

No, not at all. We accept tutors from all different backgrounds as long as they meet our criteria as defined above.

We expect every tutor to work with 4 students per week – anything beyond this is considered a bonus! Generally speaking, we limit most tutors to 10 students per week but will work closely with you to get you to 4 students per week as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you any minimum hours as it depends on the demand in your area – however, it is rare we have a tutor that is not at capacity. Once you are in our system we will do everything we can to find you 4 students as soon as possible!

Generally speaking, we require our tutors to have completed their schooling here in Australia so they are familiar with the local curriculum and requirements. However, this is not a definitive rule and we consider each applicant on their own merit, so you are still welcome to apply. We do however expect a minimum 6 month commitment, so if you are just on a working holiday this is not the place for you.

Whilst we admire your hustle, unfortunately we require all of our tutors to have graduated from high school to work with us. Please visit us again once you finish year 12!

We have student opportunities all around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. There are naturally always going to be busier areas than others, so if you happen to be in a very quiet area we may place your application on hold until the demand for your services are needed – we don’t want to bring you on and not have any students for you. We still encourage you to apply and if this is the case we can discuss options when this happens.

Yes! As long as you meet our criteria above, you are welcome to apply. If successful you will go through our comprehensive on-boarding and training, and an optional mentor session ahead of your first lesson. With our training and resources, you should be able to go in to your first session like a seasoned veteran!


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